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Electric furnace chamber for stress relief

Purpose and application

Electric furnace chamber for stress relief, models СНО, widely used in heat treatment small workpieces in a single or small batch production.

Stirring the air in the furnace generates convection heat transfer, which ensures uniform and accurate heating of steel billets for tempering to reduce stress. In electric chamber furnaces for tempering, it is also possible to carry out heating for hardening of aluminum alloys.

Design: Vacation electric furnaces have a working chamber with supporting surfaces, through which forced circulation (convection) of air is organized.

Convection. A stand with a convection fan is installed on the roof. The centrifugal fan is introduced into the convection channel of the heating chamber and is installed on the roof, behind the working chamber there is a convection channel, which is located between the casing and the heating chamber. Electric heaters are placed on the sides in the convection channel.

Chamber furnace for tempering

Electric furnace frame The frame is made in the form of a chamber, the inner space, which is lined (lined) mainly with ceramic-fibrous fine-porous mats or chamotte-fibrous plates. Large-sized electric tempering furnaces, optional, can be completed with various loading devices. It is possible to make a variant of an electric furnace with two heating chambers in one frame.

Working space formed by screens made of heat-resistant nickel steel and special supports on the bottom. The heaters are offered in the form of a spiral or zigzag alloy Fechral or Nickel-chrome. Mostly heaters are wound in the form spiral or zigzag «Superfechral GS-SY ". Spiral heaters are fixed in special dies on mullite-silica tubes. Zigzag heaters are fixed directly to the lining with special brackets.

All chamber electric furnaces are supplied fully assembled and lined. The furnaces have a lightweight lining, which allows to reduce heat losses and make the furnace quite economical, especially during intermittent operation. The doors are electrically lifted along the guides with the hot side away from the operator, which is more convenient and safe for work. Doors, on small ovens, are lifted by hand using a counterweight on the back.

Chamber electric furnaces in standard design have electronic temperature control with digital display. The control is carried out through powerful thyristor blocks with PWM function. To register the temperature regime, a "Termodat" recording device is installed on the control panel. In order to increase safety, all electric furnaces are equipped with interlock switches to relieve the voltage during the period when the door is being lifted. If the thermocouple breaks or the temperature is exceeded, a protection is triggered, which cuts off the supply voltage to the furnace heaters. The necessary power and control equipment is mounted in the control panel (or cabinet).

Designation of electric furnaces Working dimensions (a × b × h), mm Gab. size (A × B × H), mm Heating temperature,° С Power, kWt Furnace weight
СНО 7.8.7/7 700×800×700 1370×1280×2250 700 30780
СНО 7.14.7/7 700×1400×700 1300×2000×2250 700 601180
СНО 8.12.6/7 800×1200×600 1450×1900×2100 700 281250

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CHO furnace drawing

In the electric tempering furnaces, intensive air circulation is carried out to create convection heat exchange and a uniform temperature field over the volume of the capping. The use of forced convection and modern thermostats allows achieving high performance characteristics.

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