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Chamber hardening furnaces

Purpose and application

Chamber hardening electric furnaces series СНО most in demand from the entire line of thermal equipment. They are simple, reliable, versatile, easy-to-use, optimal for heating small workpieces in one-off and small-scale production. The shape of the chamber allows heaters to be installed from all sides, which contributes to an even distribution of power and, as a result, accurate heating. A convenient visual overview of the workspace allows you not to install additional fences, in the form of screens, to protect the heaters during loading and unloading. The absence of screens increases the effect of the radiant component when transferring heat to workpieces, which increases the overall efficiency from the use of electricity as a heat carrier.

In SNO furnaces it is possible to carry out hardening, annealing, normalization. Uniform temperature field allows even high tempering.

The disadvantages include the inability to use cranes when loading, but this is easily compensated by the use of forklifts. If necessary, it is possible in one frame to integrate several separate working chambers with their own control systems and independent dampers.

Construction of chamber hardening electric furnaces

Heating chamber assembled inside a welded metal frame of rectangular shape with a horizontal arrangement. Inside, the frame is sheathed with flexible heat-insulating mats and the underlay with bricks of various densities and flexible gaskets so that the temperature on the frame does not exceed the permissible values.

Chamber hardening electric furnace

Heat produce wire electric heaters , located inside the walls of the chamber, including the damper and in the grooves of the hearth. Electric heaters are wound from wire, much less often from tape. Taking into account the working conditions or the wishes of the Customer, the material can be of iron-chromium-aluminum or nickel-chromium alloy. In the basic configuration, we offer zigzag heaters as more efficient. Bottom heaters are covered with cast nickel steel baking plates.

To free up work space door moves upwards along special guides, with the hot side facing away from the operator. Depending on the size, the doors of small ovens are manually opened and held open by counterweights.

Chamber electric furnaces SNO for heating for forging.

If it is necessary to heat piece blanks for forging, stamping, plastic deformation, these designs are performed for an increased temperature load and taking into account possible vibrations. In such structures, flexible ceramic fiber materials with increased permissible load on the bottom. Heaters are made only from Swedish kanthal a1 alloy. To minimize the effects of vibration, the frames are installed on vibration dampers.

Power section and control devices mounted in a base cabinet, and on small structures with a hinged control panel.

Temperature modes are controlled by sending a signal from a thermocouple to a thermostat. Then the thermostat, depending on the signal value, gives impulses for the passage or blocking of the current flow through the heater. At the output from the thyristor, the current is supplied by pulses according to the PID algorithm with a smooth exit to the desired mode. There is a blocking in case of uncontrolled overheating (a thyristor has struck) and registration of a temperature-time schedule by a separate device.

All chamber electric furnaces are shipped to the Customer after drying, in-plant tests and adjustments..

Specifications table

Designation Working dimensions (a × b × h) mm dimensions, (A×B×H)ммHeating temperature,° С power, kWt Furnace weight
СНО 2.4.2/12 200×400×200 800×1100×1000 1200 7220
СНО 4.6.4/12 400×600×400 1200×1200×1900 1200 18800
СНО 6.8.6/12 600×800×600 1700×1900×2300 1200 371200
СНО 8.12.5/12 800×1200×5001900×2400×20001200 402000
СНО 12.16.8/121200×1600×8001800×2400×21001200 603100
СНО 3.5.3/13 300×500×300 1200×1200×19001300 16900
СНО 5.7.5/13 500×700×500 1700×1900×2300 1300 35900
СНО 7.13.7/13 700×1300×700 1900×2400×2000 1300 402100

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CHO furnace drawing

Electric furnaces are produced on modern equipment, using laser cutting, CNC bending machines, using modern materials and components. The minimum weight of the lining reduces the effect of heat accumulation during changeable modes of operation and contributes to a rapid rise in temperature after a break in operation. Solid steel slabs not worse than 15Х23Н18Л are used as a bottom plate.

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