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Shaft tempering electric furnaces

Purpose and application

Electric furnaces with a shaft-shaped heating chamber, such as SSHO, are popular due to the convenience of loading and minimizing the occupied area. Circular heating and forced convection mixing of air allows you to quickly and evenly heat the workpieces. Shaft furnaces are convenient, and in some cases irreplaceable, when heating long products. Tempering furnaces are designed to relieve internal stresses after hardening steel billets. It is allowed to carry out heating for hardening of aluminum alloys.

Mine hardening electric furnace

Description of construction

Electric furnaces are formed inside a steel welded frame in the form of a vertical shaft, the inner space, which is sheathed with heat-insulating materials, so that the heat is localized inside the working space.

Heaters evenly distributed along the side walls. Circular placement allows you to evenly warm the workpieces. Electric heaters can be made in the form of spirals made of fechral wire with fixation through mullite-silica, thick-walled tubes. The spirals themselves are equidistant from the thermal insulation and the flow shield.

Working space the furnace forms a screen in the form of a rolled cylinder for the formation of a convection channel and enclosure of heaters during loading or unloading. For optimal gas dynamics, the flow screen is mounted on a special beam-shaped stand. A lined cover closes the workspace from above. Furnace covers with a diameter of up to 1 meter are made, mainly, swivel, more than 1 meter with retractable lifting and rollback mechanisms. On the axis of the cover there is a fan stand with a centrifugal wheel brought into the hot zone. Rotating centrifugal wheel creates a circulating air flow between workpieces and heaters.

Heating control produced by electronic temperature controllers with digital indication and display of temperature-time heating schedules, etc. The current is supplied through powerful thyristor units with PWM function. To control the process, it is envisaged to register temperature graphs on the recorder with the "Termodat-18" device. Ensuring safe operation, blocking, signaling, is provided by sensors and switches that cut off the power supply to the heaters and drives in any situation not associated with a direct heating function. The control system, including the power equipment, is mounted in a separate electrical cabinet and connected to the furnace by electric wires.

DesignationWorking dimensions (dia × height)Overall dimensions, (A × B × C) mmPower, kWt Furnace weightMax. loading, kg / h
СШО 6.9/7 600×900 1400×1450×2100 25 800 300
СШО 8.12/7800×18001600×2350×2500451300450
СШО 10.12/71000×12001850×2000×2600552500500
СШО 10.15/71000×15001850×2100×2800602800800
СШО 12.15/7 1200×15001900×2400×32008030001000
СШО 15.20/7 1200×20002500×2600×34501203800 140

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Sketch of the electric furnace SSHO

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