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Industrial drying cabinets

Purpose and application

Drying cabinets, industrial, ShSP series are designed for heating small workpieces or bulk materials for drying, polymerization, vulcanization, calcination and other thermal processes. Drying cabinets have a heating chamber with shelves, through which a forced air circulation.

Description of construction

The frame is made in the form of a rectangular chamber, the outer space is lined (lined) mainly with basalt mats. Outside, the frame is sheathed with decorative panels A rack with a convection fan is installed on the roof of the frame. The centrifugal fan starts up in working chamber into the space of the convection channel, which is located between the frame casing and the chamber heating. Working parts of the heaters are led out from the sides into the convection channel.

Drying cabinet

The working opening of the heating chamber is closed by a thermally insulated door. The door is hung on hinged axles, has a spacer lock. A silicone seal is attached to the perimeter of the door. cord.

Heaters, in the working part, are made in the form of heating elements with fins, which significantly increases heat transfer between the passing air and the heater. The heat flow through the working chamber can redistributed over the volume of the heating chamber, by adjusting the opening height of the openings (windows). Such distribution is necessary in case of uneven loading of the working chamber. To remove vapors and fumes, there is an air intake pipe in the lower part of the chamber, and a duct with a gate is diverted from the fan zone. Thus, the fan blows out part air flow into the vapor outlet. Regulation of the volume of removal of vapors and fumes produced by gates on the branch pipes.

Shelves in SHSP cabinets are located, depending on the design, with a distance of 200-300mm. Shelf load, over 10-15kg, is agreed upon when ordering. Depending on the height, the cabinet can be equipped with a stand for displaying the loading level convenient for use.

Heating control produced by devices "Termodat" with digital indication temperature and necessary interlocks. Thermocouple breaks are interlocked. Blocking turning off heating when the door is open and other interlocks. Power and control equipment is assembled in the power unit or directly on the cabinet frame.

DesignationTemperature, °С Working dimensions (width × dl × height), mmOverall dimensions, mm power, kWt Cabinet weight, kg
ShSP 5,5.6,5.13/2,5 250 550×650×1300 860×900×1750 8330
ShSP 10.10.15/2,5 250 1000×1000×1500 1300×1400×2000 10400
ShSP 9.11.17/4,5 450 900×1100×1700 1400×1400×2600 12600
ShSP 10.12.18/4,5 450 1000×1200×1800 1400×1450×2600 201000
ShSP 15.20.20/2,5 250 1500×2000×2000 3500×2400×2700 401800

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Industrial drying cabinet sketch

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