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Laboratory electric furnaces, type PKL

Purpose and description

Chamber laboratory electric furnaces tapa PKL are reduced copies of industrial chamber electric furnaces. All laboratory electric furnaces, in contrast to industrial analogs, provide single phase power supply.

In electric resistance furnaces of laboratory design, it is possible to produce: heating for hardening of small items, firing of ceramic items or materials, calcination and other thermal processes. Heating is carried out in the chamber from the faking in an oxidizing atmosphere up to a temperature of 1200 ° C. Chamber laboratory ovens, due to their simplicity and reliability, are the most popular types of heating equipment in laboratories or small industries.

Электропечь камерная лабораторная

Chamber laboratory electric furnaces are made inside a steel frame in the form of a horizontal chamber, with a hinged heat-insulated door. When the oven is opened, the door retains its original position relative to the loading opening due to a special traction that forms a parallelogram when opening. Twin mechanism door opening scheme is more convenient and safer when opened for personnel. Also, in order to increase the safety of work, a blocking switch (button) is installed on the front frame of the electric furnace, and a push flag on the door frame. When the door is closed, the flag presses on the button of the blocking switch. When you open the door the button is pressed, the switch turns off the heating of the electric furnace using the starter.

Heating of blanks or materials in an electric furnace is carried out by a group of spiral heaters located along the side walls and in the grooves of the hearth. Spiral heaters are put on MKR tubes. The heaters placed in the hollows of the hearth are covered with durable cordierite ceramic tiles. Fastening of wire heaters is made without touching the heater and lining.

Power and control equipment is mounted in a special compartment of the furnace, on the right side of the furnace or below. The supply voltage for laboratory ovens is 220 volts. The electric furnace is powered from a wire with a reinforced plug. Purge chamber, oven stands, exhaust probes, etc. are available as options.

Designation Working dimensions (a×b×h)Dimensions (A×B×H), мм Heating temperature,° С power, kWt Furnace weight
PKL 1,2-12 220×300×180 700×620×600 1200 3,450
PKL 1,2-36300×400×250880×1350×78012005,870
PKL 1,2-50360×420×350650×720×87012003785

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Sketch of a chamber muffle electric furnace

We offer a wide range of chamber laboratories of electric furnaces for various tasks with an optimal set of functions and capabilities, including those not reflected in this section. A wide assortment and diversified options allows our customers to purchase the optimal equipment for solving tasks related to research, with high accuracy and reliability.

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